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Teaching Slides

Simply Speak provides conversation sessions to improve language skills. Our sessions allow individuals to engage with the material and to understand how certain topics are addressed in day-to-day conversations. To keep these sessions pertinent, we organize the content by weekly themes, and we provide teaching slides to facilitate learning and to increase accessibility. Each theme is broken down into three sections: vocabulary, sample conversations, and conversation prompts.


introduces words related to the theme of the week; these may be new or already seen. Before individuals are given the opportunity to practice, our instructors read aloud all words to familiarize everyone with pronunciation. Unknown words are always explained by our instructors, often with visual aids.

Sample Conversations

are used to help individuals understand the context in which the theme and the vocabulary are applicable.


allow individuals to discuss with others, including the instructor. Conversing is the most important means of learning, giving everyone the freedom to steer the conversation in any direction they choose. These conversation sessions allow learners to expand their vocabulary and to improve their grammar and pronunciation.


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