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Simply Speak


Simply Speak is a non-for-profit organization created by students eager to help English learning newcomers in Canada.


Simply Speak assists newcomers in their integration in Canada by providing conversation sessions to improve their communication skills.


Simply Speak provides weekly conversation sessions in English to break the language barrier and ensure newcomers are solidifying their English.


We Are Passionate About Helping Others

Hi, I am Tala, founder of Simply Speak; its former president (2020-2022) and vice-president (2022-2023).


A few years ago, I was volunteering as an instructor assistant in an adult ESL class. While I watched the instructor teach verbal, reading and writing skills, I realized they were unable to engage everyone in the conversation as there was simply not enough time. The attention given to each individual was further decreased as the classes were too large. Undivided attention is a missing factor in many language assistance programs. In 2020, the common issue of these programs sparked the idea to create Simply Speak with the aim to help the newcomers all over Canada.  

The goal of Simply Speak is to improve the speaking skills of Canadians and foreigners regardless of their background, financial status, or social status in Canada. Our virtual format is flexible allowing the conversation sessions to be conducted from anywhere in the world, free of charge.


Tala Salaheddin



Colombe Ishimwe


​Hi, I am Colombe, co-president of Simply Speak, and its former president (2022-2023). My journey at Simply Speak started as an instructor in 2020. Although it involved a few hours of volunteering each month, I quickly fell in love with Simply Speak's mission. Consequently, the following year, I held a new position (VP Internal) which comprised management and organization.

I am passionate about Simply Speak’s mission as I was once a newcomer having to learn a new language. Being five years old when I arrived in Canada may have made my integration easier, but it came with its own challenges. I recall being a frustrated receptive trilingual, but not being able to communicate with my fellow kindergarteners nor my teacher. Eventually, with the support of relatives, I quickly learned a new language, adding to my collection of languages. After many years living in Canada, I am still grateful for the help others offered, and I am happy to pass it along.


Hi, my name is Prieyankaa. I joined Simply Speak last year as a graphic designer (2022-2023), and I am excited to be taking on the role of co-president for the 2023-2024 team! Being a child of immigrant parents, I have witnessed firsthand how language barriers have impacted their experiences in Canada. Coming to a new country not only meant building a life of their own, but it also meant learning the way of life. It became very evident how these barriers shaped their unique journeys.

I have always enjoyed spending my time working with organizations and meeting new people. All of it is more meaningful and worthwhile when we are contributing in some way to the community of people around us. As a graphic designer, I was able to put my creative abilities to use–designing graphics that are accessible and enjoyable for learners was a very rewarding experience. This year, I look forward to taking on a leadership role at Simply Speak and working alongside the rest of the team to develop initiatives for newcomers as they integrate themselves into the culture here in Canada! 


Prieyankaa Nirmalan


Simply Speak is an organization composed of passionate individuals.

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